Spike Island

Linda Sandvik

Summer 2012

Linda Sandvik

Linda Sandvik is an interface developer and wannabe MacGyver. Although she describes herself as a front-end developer, Sandvik has a background in proper programming (well, computer science at university). She’s studied digital media at Hyper Island, with a focus on group dynamics and self-leadership, idea and concept development, brand management, and design facilitation. She’s also had her own consultancy business since 2009, which mainly does web development, apps and physical installations (electronics).

Sandvik loves doing research, user testing, experimenting and prototyping. She’s curious, oddly creative, and likes exploring new things. Sometimes she does weird things like catapulting herself 2000ft into the air. In August 2012 Sandvik will be participating in the longest horse race in the world, the Mongol Derby.


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