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Thursday 29 November 2012, 7pm


£5, £3 concessions
Free for Spike Associates
Booking advised

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Our One Night Stand salon events encourage experimentation with genre and style, and this performance edition brings together practitioners from Bristol and beyond working in the fields of visual art, experimental theatre, live art and literature.

These invited guests have been asked to revisit an established piece or to present a new work-in-progress, pared down to no more than 15 minutes and with minimal props. The works flow from one to the other, drawing on such diverse formats as game play and lecture. The result is a lo-fi, anarchic collision of approaches celebrating the possibilities of live performance.

Download the programme notes (pdf)


Giles Bailey is an artist based in London. His performance projects address the conventions of history writing and have been exhibited at, among other venues, The Chisenhale Gallery, London, The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and Van Horbourg, Basel. Most recently he spent the summer in Marfa, Texas as a researcher-in-residence at the invitation of Fieldwork: Marfa.

For One Night Stand, the artist revisits his 2011 work All Whirlwind, Heat, And Flash (Undertone), a performance made with an extract of the Vito Acconci video Undertone that freely circulates on the Internet.

Holly Corfield-Carr is a Bristol-based poet and writer. She studied at Cambridge and Sussex universities and received an Eric Gregory Award from the Society of Authors in 2012.  In 2011, she was commissioned by Rednile and the British Ceramics Biennial to work in collaboration with visual artists in the empty Spode factory, Stoke-on-Trent. Corfield-Carr is a member of Spike Associates and currently has recently contributed to the immersive soundwork Missorts, produced by Situations. She will be Spike Island’s Writer in Residence from early 2013 and will also be residence at the Curfew Tower, Cushendall, in January 2013.

Corfield-Carr’s contribution to the evening is a reading from Ganzfeld, a short rearrangement of space and memory that attempts to give voice to the missing.  By marking out the colours and contours of familiar space, Ganzfeld makes a map of last words.  

Sarah Dobai is an artist based in London whose practice encompasses photography, film and video. Her recent work focuses on the relation of photography and film to realism, artifice and the creation of illusion. Solo exhibitions include Twenty Second Hold, Works|Projects, Bristol (2012), On the Nature of Things, Kamloops Art Gallery, Canada (2011), A Fire in his Masters House is Set, Chapter Arts, Cardiff (2011), and Theatres of the Real, FotoMuseum, Antwerp (2009).

At Spike Island, Dobai revisits the performance work Study, first performed at Whitechapel Gallery in July. The piece developed out of the series Studio/Location Photographs (2008–11) and draws parallels between people’s uneasy relation to public space and how a model ‘finds a way to be’ in the theatrical context of a photo or film shoot.

Andy Field is an artist, writer, part-time curator, sometime academic and occasional performer who currently lives in Bristol and travels widely. He is interested in adventurous and unusual work, whether it calls itself theatre, live art, performance, installation, sound art or anything else. His own practice is diverse, slipping between disciplines as a means of exploring a preoccupation with cities, everyday performance, trashy films, radical politics and what it feels like to be around at this strange moment in time. Field is also co-director of Forest Fringe, an artist-led organisation whose innovative community-led approach to supporting and collaborating with artists has allowed it to become a home to some of the country's most exciting and radical new performance work.

Field presents a new projecy, I would like to talk to the capitalists about money but they only want to tell me love stories. In his own words, it is “A short lecture. A short newspaper. A first attempt at the creation of a new performance project for and about public transport at rush hour.”

Elisa Juncosa Umaran was born in Malloca, Spain and lives and works in Bristol. She recently graduated from University College Falmouth and is currently undertaking a graduate fellowship at Spike Island. Juncosa's work consists of deconstructing and assembling philosophical concepts present in our everyday lives. Her processes materialise across a wide range of media such as board games, diagrams, playful interactive actions, film, writing and her blog. A selection of her games were recently included at the Artists' Games Night here.

For One Night Stand, the artist presents a performance to camera and an invitation to the audience to contribute to a new text work based on Buckminster Fullers ‘Strategic Questions’.

The Performance Re-enactment Society is an occasional collective of artists, archivists and researchers who use documents and memories to revive past art experiences and create them anew. Their collaborative performance re-enactments are acts of conservation and transform past works into new events. In its current constellation, PRS are Paul Clarke, Clare Thornton and Tom Marshman. In 2012 the group was commissioned to produce Group Show, an intangible exhibition curated from Arnolfini's archive and displayed through performance, choreography, staged conversation and exhibition tours. Developed with dance artist Laura Dannequin and guests, Group Show was presented during the Performing Documents: Remake programme at Arnolfini, September 2012.

PRS punctuate the evening’s proceedings with three key re-enactments inspired by works by Alison Knowles, Yoko Ono and Sophie Calle.