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Thursday 31 October 2013, 6pm


Free for Spike Associates
Booking essential

Please contact us for a copy of the reading.

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Extra Curricular

Hannah Regel, Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2013 artist and editor of contemporary art and feminism journal ‘SALT.’,  has selected an extract from Lauren Berlant’s 2011 Cruel Optimism for the October reading group. The author and George M. Pullman Professor of English at the University of Chicago Berlant writes and teaches on issues of intimacy and belonging in popular culture. Cruel Optimism proposes that the very thing you desire may in fact present an obstacle your flourishing in the day to day; it’s "about the wearing out of the fantasy of the good life that has bound people to various kinds of intimate and political normativity despite their constant inadequacy to the fantasies that bring people to them." Regel is interested in using the text as a starting point to discuss the connection between hopefulness and disappointment, desire and anxiety within artistic practice and wider social and cultural realms.

Copies of the reading are available on booking.

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