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Extra CurricularArt and culture reading group


Thursday 9 May 2013, 6pm


Free for Spike Associates
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Extra Curricular

This monthly reading group is a platform for discovering and discussing current topics in art, cultural theory and literature. These spring events invite participants to consider, amongst other themes, the relationship between poetry and spoken word, experimental writing and autobiography, the ritual and the political. 

For the May event, Paul Clarke has chosen Giorgio Agamben’s ‘In Praise of Profanations’, the central essay from the Italian philosopher’s collection Profanations, published by Zone in 2007.

Proposing profanity as the crucial political task of the moment, Agamben explores the way in which the profane can be accommodated within the sacred through his reflections on Roman law, myth and Christian doctrine. Clarke is specifically interested in using the text to consider the artist’s role in returning ‘sacred’ practices and objects to common use through playful, irreverent and subversive appropriation.

Paul Clarke

Dr Paul Clarke is a Senior Lecturer in Performance Studies at University of Bristol. Currently he is the Director of theatre company Uninvited Guests, whose work has toured nationally and internationally, and is a member of the art collective Performance Re-enactment Society (PRS).

He was the Research Fellow on Performing the Archive: the Future of the Past, a researcher on Performing Documents, hosted by University of Bristol’s Live Art Archives and Arnolfini, and has published on the creative re-use of archives and performance in galleries.