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Thursday 28 February 2013, 6pm


Free for Spike Associates
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Extra Curricular

This art and cultural theory reading group meets monthly and new members are always welcome. For this special series of discussions during her exhibition Spring Rain, Becky Beasley has invited hosts to suggest texts that offer an opportunity to delve deeper into themes explored in the show. 

Starting with Trim’s Flourish, writer and artist Paul Becker leads the group on a quasi-sculptural meander through The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne.

Becker suggests participants read the following sections in preparation for the discussion (page numbers refer to the 2012 Penguin edition): 

  • Volume I, chapter XII: p 29–31 

  • Volume II, chapter V: p 85–87

  • Volume III, chapter XXXVI: p.203–206

  • Volume VI, chapter XXXVIII: p 422–424 

  • Volume VI, chapter XL, p.425–427 

  • Volume IX, chapters III and IV: p.548–550

Paul Becker

Paul Becker is a Newcastle-based artist and writer. Recent projects include The Cat, Carpeted (with FormContent), at Le Salon, Brussels, Auto Italia Live Double Dip Concession at ICA, London, Sincerely, how am I talking? at Hollybush Gardens, London and Festival Robert Walser in Newcastle (all 2012).

Along with Francesco Pedraglio and Alex Cecchetti, Becker is currently editing Cadavere Quotidiano, a selection of texts by contemporary artists and writers (including Becky Beasley, Katrina Palmer, Ed Atkins and Michael Dean) to be published early in 2013.


Paul Becker's website