Spike Island

Dreamland Margate unveils new Mural-by-the-Sea artwork by Valda Jackson

Dreamland Margate has unveiled its latest artist commission for the Mural-by-the-Sea project, Still Holding On by Valda Jackson, a studio holder at Spike Island.

Jackson's collage of photographs and drawings of children of the Windrush generation is exhibited on Dreamland’s large outdoor billboard until the beginning of October 2018.

The images are set against an English oak backdrop which Jackson describes as being 'symbolic of tradition, permanence and home'. As a child immigrant of the Windrush generation herself, she travelled with her sisters to join her parents in England from Jamaica at the age of five.

Jackson comments: 'The piece has a cut and paste quality, reflecting what has been revealed to be the precarious nature of those who are part of this generation’s status in this country.'

'The image poses uncomfortable questions around identity, belonging, responsibility, innocence and vulnerability. It explores contemporary issues around Britain’s role in Europe, the commonwealth and the world, and highlights the neglected and vulnerable victims of prejudice, nationalism and ignorance.'

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