Spike Island

Spike Island alumni artist Isobel Adderley premieres her film W E F E W at Exeter Phoenix

Isobel Adderley's film W E F E W (2017) premieres at Exeter Phoenix this Thursday 30 November 2017, as part of the Two Short Nights Film Festival celebrating the world of short film. 

Watch a trailer: 

W E F E W T R A I L E R from Isobel Adderley on Vimeo.

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Isobel Adderley graduated from BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths University. Her creative ambition is to create a hybrid practice that exists in the space between and draws equally on contemporary art filmmaking, contemporary dance performance, and music production.

Earlier this year, Isobel Adderley's film Qwake was produced by Spike Island in partnership with Calling the Shots as part of Channel 4 Random Acts series. Qwake explores an extended moment of tension, in bodies, space and sound, and its eventual and inevitable collapse.

Aderley's film Qwake was produced through Camera Buff, part of the Random Acts South West Network Hub led by our partners Calling the Shots. Over the course of three years, 72 short films will be produced with 16­–24 year olds as part of this exciting opportunity.