Spike Island

Opportunity to perform for Echoes by Young In Hong

You are invited to perform for Echoes, a performance by Young In Hong completed in collaboration with participants. This performance is taking place on Saturday 9 December in Spike Island's galleries during Kim Yong-Ik's exhibition I Believe My Works Are Still Valid.

Young In Hong is looking for musicians and performers who play any portable instrument or who sing or practice voice/sound based performance (at any level, no age restriction) to participate in Echoes.

You will be asked to respond to a 15-minute soundtrack (made available online and downloaded on the day.) During your performance you will listen to this soundtrack and directly respond to it. Performances are taking place every 30 mins past the hour between 12-5pm.

Take Part:

If you would like to participate in or learn more about Echoes please contact echoesinfo2017@gmail.com (include your main contact details in your email.)

For more information, please visit: