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National Volunteers' Week 2017

National Volunteers’ Week

National Volunteers' Week is a national celebration of the millions of people who volunteer at least once a year across the UK. Here at Spike Island we are supported by a fantastic team of volunteers who each make a significant contribution to the work we do. This week we are celebrating their achievements in various ways!

Spike Island and Arnolfini Volunteer Exchange: 

Over the past week, volunteers from Spike Island and Arnolfini have had the chance to swap roles, meet one another and gain insight into one another’s experiences. We have welcomed Steven Andrews, Olga Katkova, Erin Lui, Chloe Monks, Suzanne Van Maurik, Kyriaki Tsima and Peter Lyons to our team. They have helped within Giles Round and Andrea Luka Zimmerman's exhibitions, with our I am Making Art session and Alex Cecchetti’s artist performance.

Spike Island volunteers Rosa Martyn, Holly Foskett-Barnes, Jennifer Male, Cat Smith, Wen-Hsi Harman, Amber Ward and Jean Smyth have been warmly welcomed at Arnolfini to spend a day meeting the team there and assisting visitors to the current Basim Magdy exhibition.

Thank you to all the volunteers who took part in the exchange and to volunteers from both organisations for all their efforts throughout the year!

Comments from the volunteers who took part:

"I have been a volunteer at the Arnolfini since February, and when the opportunity for a shift swap with Spike Island came up I thought I would give it a try. This is the first time I have been to Spike Island and I found it both interesting and enjoyable. I particularly liked They bow. Curtain. No applause. by Giles Round. I liked the clouds and the way the light changed in response to the light outside."

"Basin Magdy has a show on [at Arnolfini] at the moment. It's colourful and had me laughing, as well as some of the public. The humour is dark, which is my favourite type of humour. I will be going back to have a look round again as I enjoyed it so much."

"The lovely people of Spike Island made me feel very welcome and informed on the buildings history and events happening....The touching and comedic moments of Andrea [Luka Zimmerman]’s work brought a new form of humanity to those that felt cut out of the social system in the film Estate, a Reverie, residents of Haggerston estate." 

Here are just a few of our volunteers' recent achievements:

• Tabitha Panter’s work was recently exhibited at The Splits exhibition at Bristol’s Hamilton House. She is also running a workshop for fellow volunteers to contribute illustrations for a colouring book for visitors to Spike Island Café. She is also taking part in the forthcoming volunteer’s exhibition in Test Space at Spike Island.

• Cat Smith has volunteered with us since December 2016 and has since become part of the North Bristol Arts Group. She is taking part in the North Bristol Arts Trail in November and will contribute to the Spike Island Volunteers' Exhibition in Test Space in September 2017.

• Daniella Hale joined Spike Island's volunteer team in January 2017 as ‘she felt like I had lost touch with the creative community. My time here has provided me with many opportunities and sent my confidence rocketing.’ Daniella is currently helping our Volunteer Coordinator with organising volunteering opportunities and with running the enrichment programme. For Spike Island Open 2017 Daniella organised a day-long creative workshop for families, and has volunteered in support of many other aspects of Spike Island’s programme.

• Jean Smyth is graduating from Bristol School of Art this year and is part of the final exhibition (opening 23 June.)

• Wen-Hsi Harman is one of our newest volunteers and is currently studying for her PhD in the UK. She has assisted with our Baby Art Hour sessions alongside helping visitors to the exhibitions. Her ceramic work has been chosen to be exhibited at the Bath Society of Artists’ summer exhibition.

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