Spike Island

Spike Island studio holder Caitlin Shephard presents Discord at Somerset House

Caitlin Shepherd, a Spike Island studio holder, presents Discord at Somerset House, London. Discord is a multi sensory sound installation conceived by Shepherd, researcher James Wood and artist Victoria Johnson. Discord is a 30 minute immersive sound experience exploring personal stories of home and security in the UK housing market.

Watch a recent talk about Discord:

As part of the installation Shepherd is working in collaboration with acclaimed music producer Typesun, architect Tabitha Pope, technologist Tarim, carpenter Ben Dusserre Robinson, lighting designers Bailes &Light and engineer Dan Halahan. Together they are working to create a powerful soundscape around the theme of housing, in which composers Elise Plans and Matthias Kispert also feature. 

Caitlin Shephard explains: 'Discord is a project that uses the medium of sound installation art to invite audiences to reconsider their own personal values and choices in relation to the pursuit of housing security. It aims to link personal choice to political power structures, inviting individuals to reflect the true cost of home ownership. Discord taps into a major problem of our time; wide-spread unaffordability within the private rental and owner occupant market. Through  this installation, audiences are invited to embody the issue and ask, what can be done.'

Experience Discord at Somerset House from 23 August and 2 October (free entry, booking essential, open Wednesday to Sunday. The installation is for three people at a time and lasts for approximately 45 minutes.)