Spike Island

Timothy Mills Wallpaper Samples

A new exhibition, Wallpaper Samples by Timothy Mills, opens today in the Spike Island Studios Test Space. 

The North Prospect housing estate in Plymouth is currently undergoing a £168 Million re-development that will see the demolition of 800 condemned dwellings replaced with 1200 new homes over a ten-year period. The estate - originally named Swilly - was conceived following the Addison Housing Act of 1919, establishing the first garden suburb in the city in which residents were encouraged to grow their own produce and keep livestock, referred to as 'Paradise at 12/- a week'.

The Wallpaper Samples form one part of eight wider studies, based on a commission in 2012 by Fotonow, the North Prospect History Project and the Plymouth and West Devon Records Office. By deploying a range of photographic arsenal, the archive Twelve Shilling Paradise seeks to explore how multiple means of image representation can create a wider narrative of place through found photographs and objects.

Opening Times: Friday 16 May – Monday 2 June, 12-5pm