Spike Island

Spike Island Open 2014 Short Film Screening Programme

A special programme of moving image work by Spike Island Studio Holders and Associates, selected by artist Cara Tolmie, Lux Head of Programme Gil Leung and Spike Film and Video Producer Ali Roche. 


Bristol Diving School Raven (2013)

is the product of an arts residency in British Colombia, Canada by the Bristol Diving School. The film is a portrayal of the local socio-historical context to the West Kooteneys, and a document to its picturesque, idealised landscape and sublime iconography. 

Raven from bristoldivingschool on Vimeo.

Louisa Fairclough Bring in Daylight (2008)

The film begins in the Cattle Sale Ring as a man scatters straw in the half light of early morning. Filmed over a year at Taunton Cattle Market prior to its relocation, Bring in Daylight centres around a series of panning shots, the camera making a slow, steady observation of the livestock auctions. The scattered sounds of the market underscore the film: from the slipping of hooves and feet on straw to snatches of stories and an auctioneer’s banter.

Returning to the Sale Ring for the closing shot, an assembly of farmers, auctioneers and buyers are framed as a tableau. Two at time, cattle slowly enter the ring, and are goaded in a clockwise fashion to the heavy, brutal sounds of clanging gates and the clack of the auctioneer’s hammer as they exit.

Bring in Daylight previewed in the Sale Ring at Taunton Cattle Market and was screened as part of New Work UK: The Sensible Stage at the Whitechapel Gallery in association with the LUX.

An extract from BRING IN DAYLIGHT from Louisa Fairclough on Vimeo.

Laura Phillips Untitled (2014)

A visual essay, running time 08:35. Credits: with support from Bristol Diving School and Sam Fitzgerald. Sound Design by Bill Cargill and Laura Phillips.

Untitled from laura phillips on Vimeo.


Ben Owen White Beat (2011)

White Beat
is a short journey through a museums character and its contents. The soundtrack, a mix of three live improvisational performances by- Paul Jones, Matthew Lovett and Tina Hitchtens

Benjamin Owen's work explores the potential for objects and spaces to become performative.  Objects drifting through junk shops, commercial environments and museums priceless or discarded, carry their own narratives in a passage to future museums or future landfill. 

White Beat from Benjamin Arthur Owen on Vimeo.

Rebecca Ballard Curtain Show (2014)

Curtain Show
is a looped video in which the viewer is placed in front of a theatrical curtain, suggesting a stage or cinema. The curtains (in this context) usually act as signifiers of the beginning/end/change of scenery/new act in a show, however, in this work they become centre stage. The curtain acts as a screen between the audience and the spectacle behind; they both conceal and reveal. In this case the curtains reveal nothing becoming the spectacle itself. The curtain ‘performs’ a choreographed sequence, teasing the audience with the possibility of what will happen next, playing with anticipation and suspense.

Curtain Show from Rebecca Ballard on Vimeo.

Annabelle Craven Jones
 Neurotic Structure (Thought) (2013)

Experiments 3 + 4
Experiments 5 + 6
Experiments 7 + 8

Neurotic Structure (Thought) was part of the installation Schematic for Neurotic Structures (Triangulation) 2013. The video consists of edited footage from streamed transmissions via the social media platform Skype. A live ‘conversation’ was held between the artist’s studio in the UK and the gallery Cruise & Callas in Berlin, throughout the duration of the show. Each location contained a triangular model called Neurotic Structure (Live), see image 2, with a webcam inside. ‘Live Experiments’, which included a digital therapeutic voice repeated in English & German, were performed within this structure twice a week in the UK at specific times. These transmissions were seen live on a screen in the gallery, see image 3. The footage from each experiment was edited and uploaded to the gallery weekly, to form an ongoing video archive called Neurotic Structures (Thought).


Neurotic Structure (Thought), Experiment 3 + 4, Week 2 from annabelle craven-jones on Vimeo.

Neurotic Structure (Thought), Experiment 5 + 6, Week 3 from annabelle craven-jones on Vimeo.

Neurotic Structure (Thought), Experiment 7 + 8, Week 4 from annabelle craven-jones on Vimeo.