Spike Island

David Batchelor's reading list

David Batchelor is best known for his brightly coloured three-dimensional works which often feature the lurid, synthetic colours of the nocturnal metropolis. This pre-occupation with colour continues throughout Batchelor's two-dimensional drawings and paintings which are collected for the first time in Flatlands. The title of the exhibition is inspired by a novella in which the narrator, a square, inhabits the two dimensional world of Flatland, and explores the realms of one and three dimensions in order to consider how hard it is to conceive of dimensions outside of one's own experience. 

Here, David Batchelor shares a reading list that reflects his fascination with colour and dimension:

Edwin A. Abbott, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

David Batchelor, Chromophobia 

William H. Gass, On Being Blue 

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Remarks on Colour