Spike Island

New Situationists come to Spike Island

Spike Island is delighted to be involved with New Situationists, a new programme of commissions from Situations, which coincides with our Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition.

This new project sees BC System artists Jack Brindley and Lucas Clayton offer their services as public art providers with a cumulative series of public art proposals for the city of Bristol. Their first proposition is to gift a permanent tattoo to Bristol residents agreeing to be inscribed with the word ‘Forever’.

This, and additional provocative proposals from the artists will be announced over an eight-week period, beginning Friday 13 September. Bespoke noticeboards will pop up at six locations around the city centre, including Spike Island, on which proposals for new public artworks will be posted weekly for the duration of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition. The only contact information will be a telephone number will give the public a chance to speak directly to BC System. Jack Brindlay and Lucas Clayton are both previous New Contemporaries artists.

For more info please see:http://www.situations.org.uk/commission/2013-new-situationists/