Spike Island

Spike Island Open Screening Channel

Artist, writer and curator Lucy Reynolds has been invited to select moving image works submitted by Spike Island studio holders and members of Spike Associates for this year’s Open Screening Area.

The chosen videos and films move between technological performance to camera, documentation of live works, glimpses of the everyday and surreal gardening advice.

Katie Davies, Looking for Abraham (2005)

Filmed in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Looking for Abraham is a four-minute excerpt from a standup routine captured during happy hour in a European hostel. The comic cultivates a relationship between the audience and himself that unnervingly veers between public performance and private confession. In an environment where this self-effacing routine could be his genuine act, the audience sits uncomfortably as they try to draw the line between fiction and reality.

Katie Davies is a Spike Associate and Studio Holder.

Paul Harrington with Edel O’Reilly, More Efficient Means for Going Backwards (2012)

This is the documentation of a projection mapped installation originally exhibited at Kaliedoskop Gallery, Berlin in September 2012. The show deals with the ideas around both progress and negativity surrounding new media and technological advancement.

Paul Harrington is a Spike Associate and studio holder.

Mark Samsworth, Falling Through The Light: One Year Incidental (2013)

Falling Through The Light: One Year Incidental is a silent film based on observation. Shot over one year, the film includes elements filmed from screened broadcasts and documented diary footage. The work allows for a comparison of incidental information, creating its own geography of silent imagery.

Mark Samsworth is a studio holder.

Edwina Ashton, So Much Potential (2005)

So Much Potential combines the tale of John, his new plant and his hopes for the ‘potential’ in a relationship with a horticultural expert. His dashed dreams of creativity and growth are laid over scenes of two life size insects attempting to interact with a large bug in a greenhouse. The work combines an air of melancholy with the touchingly absurd. 

Edwina Ashton is a studio holder.

Elisa Juncosa Umaran, When did time begin and where does space end? (2011)

When did time begin and where does space end? is a performance to camera inspired by J.L. Borges' description of simultaneous universes. Here the artist focuses on the idea of choice and chance.

Elisa Juncosa Umaran is a Spike Associate and was the Spike Island/Falmouth University Resident 2012. 

Bristol Diving School, THANK YOU & GOODBYE 27 September 2012 (2013)

THANK YOU & GOODBYE 27 September 2012is a re-enactment of the performances staged by Bristol Diving School at Supernormal Festival 2012. The series of semaphore performances utilised an army of Rebekah Brooks (NewsCorp) broadcasters to relay the days' top headlines. An overlaying monologue of news reports which detail an acoustic phenomenon associated with the locality of the Bristol area is heard within the accompanying soundtrack.

Members of artist collective Bristol Diving School are Spike Associates and studio holders.