Spike Island

Thank You!

Our first experiment in crowd funding, undertaken with artist Melissa Gordon, has been a success! With the support of 58 generous backers, we not only reached but exceeded our goal of £4000, ending with a final total of £4,478. 

The money raised will contribute towards Melissa's residency at Spike Print Studio, starting next week and running through the end of May. The funds will cover materials as well as travel and accommodation for her time in Bristol, enabling her to make new prints for her upcoming Spike Island exhibition, Material Evidence, which opens in July. 

In a message to her supporters, Melissa says, “I'm looking forward to getting started on my residency at Spike Island these next months, and can't tell you how excited I am to be able to produce the bodies of work that I've been thinking about for over a year now. It's an important opportunity for me and it couldn't have happened without your help.”

Thanks to:

Matthew Appleton
Tamsin Bookey
Richard and Joy Boyd
Laura Brown
L Clarke
Holly Corfield Carr

Jerry Cowhig
Nick Crowe
Lhosa Daly
Darryl de Prez
Simon Lee Dicker
Jamie Eastman
Dan Fairs
Jes Fernie
Maureen Gamble
Brian Gempp and Meredyth Sparks
Jackie Gendel
Geoff Gordon
Iain Gray
Beth Greenacre
Fiona Haines
Aew Hall
Colin Harrison
Christopher Ronald Howe
Carol Jackman
Mat Jenner
Anna and Gareth Jones
Shantha Kane
Sanya Kantarovsky
Hope Kung
Samantha Lackey
Kate Laine-Toner
Michael Lakota
Robin Layfield
Helen Legg
Jeffrey Lucas
Marie-Anne McQuay
Sophie Mellor
Val Millington
Charlotte Morgan
Gill Nicol
Teddie Naish and Holly Nicholds
Tamarin Norwood
Kristina O'Donnell
William Owen
Dylan Parker
Beki Pope
Tom Prater
Andrew Proctor
Andrew Renton
Sophie Scopes
Victoria Tillotson
Michel van Bergen
Wilf Whitty
Rebecca Wilson
Fiona Winning
Gemma Wright
Ariella Yedgar