Spike Island

Curfew Tower Despatch: Marie Toseland

Members of Spike Associates have been invited to undertake a series of residencies in the Curfew Tower, a unique location in Cushendall, Northern Ireland. Read more about the residencies.

Marie Toseland, who is based in a studio here at Spike Island and is also a member of Spike Associates, followed Holly Corfield Carr in the February slot. She shared with us this short, poetic text written during her time there, as well as an image she created. Follow the picture's link to see the video for Wings' ‘Mull of Kintyre’, selected by Marie, who said, “I know Mull of Kintyre is Scotland, but you can see it from Cushendall beach and I had this song stuck in my head for the whole three weeks!”


The whole village seemed to face inwards towards the land, its back turned on the sea. The allegiance was tangible – waterfalls over waves; pheasants over fish. Even by the shore, the sand moves more to the will of the river than the sea, fanning out around the mouth where the wide band effortlessly subdues any advance of the tide. 

Marie Toseland, from her Curfew Tower residency