Spike Island

Back to Back Reading List

This collection of materials has been compiled by artist Uriel Orlow for anyone who would like to investigate further the themes and issues of his exhibition Back to Back. The list features a broad range of subject matter and formats that have informed his thinking, from history and architecture to memoir, poetry and cinema.

  • Robert Bevan The Destruction of Memory: Architecture at War

  • Fethiye Çetin My Grandmother

  • Brian Dillon Ruins

  • Hrant Dink Chronicles of an Assassinated Journalist

  • Atom Egoyan Ararat

  • Zabel Essayan Amongst the Ruins

  • David Eng (ed.) Loss: The Politics of Mourning

  • Avery Gordon Ghostly Matters

  • Maurice Halbwachs On Collective Memory

  • Vladimir Mayakovsky The Bathhouse

  • Sayat Nova Poems

  • Orhan Pamuk Snow

  • Sergey Parajanov The Colour of Pomegranates

  • Paul Ricoeur Time and Narrative

  • Robert Smithson A Tour of the Monuments of the Passaic