Spike Island

2012 Graduate Fellows

Each year Spike Island works with the University of the West of England and the University of Falmouth to identify and support promising graduates through an open call to their students.

Joining us this month to begin their 2012 Spike Island Graduate Fellowships are Elisa Juncosa Umaran from Falmouth for three months and Sebastian Jefford and Menna Cominetti from UWE for a full year.  Each receives working space in our artists’ studios as well as professional development opportunities and advice.

Juncosa Umaran’s work explores the philosophical concepts present in our everyday lives. She has made puzzles, board games and playful participatory creations, often presenting the results as projected video work. Her pieces Timeboard, Timecube and Labyrinth were included in our recent Artists’ Games Night.

Cominetti’s recent work is purposefully dialectic, revealing an interest in how objects are made legible through surrounding phenomena. By contrasting physical making with digital media to reflect on this, she aims to test how far an object's graphic counterpart, or simulated 'second self', can subsume the legibility of the original thing. 

Jefford’s practice, meanwhile, is fuelled by a doubt in the way digital space operates and the way it informs our experience of things. He is fundamentally interested in surface and the superficiality of screen-based experience; all of the objects he makes are, he explains, “essentially farcical and pathetically imitative.”

You can find out more about these three artists when they join the 2011 Graduate Fellows James Parkinson, Claire Sharpe and Sarah Wilton for a free, informal discussion on Tuesday 30 October at 6pm.