Spike Island

Videos: Rogue Game Remix

Rogue Game brings together three different sports staged simultaneously in the same arena, with each game played according to its own rules. In doing so, Rogue Game constructs a setting that gives rise to moments of improvisation, subversion, ingenuity and chance.

These clips are edits of footage captured during the Rogue Game, First Play live matches. As the games unfolded, they were streamed into the adjacent gallery where the content was edited live. The video material from the games continues to be remixed by editors throughout the exhibition.


Bristol Braves Basketball Club
Lebeq Tavern Football Club
Hornets Volleyball Club
El Rincon football
Pedipalp Protagonists football
Cezza Team football
South Gloucestershire touch rugby
Bristol Diving School basketball
Spike Café football

Live commentators:

Paul Davis
Dr. Kitrina Douglas

Camera operators:

Matthew Barton
Loraine Blumenthal
Ella Frost
Matty Groves
Thom Heald
Nathan Wald
Sorrell Waldie


Matthew Barton
Jessica Beale
Janet Brandon
Richard Broomhall
Maia Conran
Katie Davies
Tom Ketteringham
Hazel-Ann Lamb
Rod Maclachlan
Hannah Still
Nathan Wald
Alice Willatt
Thomas Whittaker