Spike Island

Slideshow: Rogue Game Opening Weekend

Rogue Game kicked off on Friday evening with a live football-volleyball-basketball match and these photos, taken by Max McClure, show the transformation of the gallery into a hybrid sports zone.

In addition to the game, the exhibition features text pieces, video, photography and installation. Proposition No. 25 invites visitors to run a circuit in the gallery, stopping periodically to “play dead”, while Rogue Game Replay introduces live commentary, video editing and projects into Gallery 2.

Players on Friday included members of teams Lebeq FC, Bristol Braves Basketball and Hornets Volleyball Club. The commentator was Paul Davis, the video editors were Rod Maclachlan and Tom Ketteringham, and the camera operator was Matthew Barton.

Thanks also to those who took part in Saturday's live game: Pedipalp Progagonists five-a-side football, Cezza Team five-a-side football, South Gloucestershire touch rugby, Paul Davis (commentary), Nathan Wald (camera), Jessica Beale (editing).