Spike Island

Audio: Ciara Phillips and Melissa Gordon in Conversation

Ciara Phillips and Melissa Gordon joined Spike Island’s director Helen Legg and curator Marie-Anne McQuay on Tuesday 17 July 2012 to discuss their practices and processes.

For both artists, printmaking and collaborative methods of production are central to the way the make art. As part of our exhibition Pull Everything Out, Phillips set up a screenprinting studio in the gallery where she worked with invited artists and designers, including Gordon, to produce Irregular Bulletin No. 53, inspired by the publication produced by Corita Kent and her students at the Immaculate Heart College.

Phillips is an Irish-Canadian artist who is currently based in Glasgow. In addition to her own practice, she is the initiator of Poster Club, a group of seven artists who work collaboratively and who have recently exhibited together at Eastside Projects in Birmingham as part of Narrative Show (2011).

Gordon in an American artist based in London whose work includes co-editing the independent publication LABOUR. She led the Extra Curricular reading group at Spike Island in May and will have a solo exhibition here in 2013.