Spike Island

Slideshow: Ciara Phillips’ Workshop

As part of our current exhibition Pull Everything Out, artist Ciara Phillips is working from a studio set up in the gallery for the month of July, collaborating with other artists and designers. Members of Glasgow-based Poster Club were here last week, Melissa Gordon is here this week, and Fraser Muggeridge and Jono Lewarne will be here later in the month.

The Workshop is set up in the front part of the gallery, and Phillips is using the space to screenprint material that will come together to make the 53rd edition of the Irregular Bulletin. This journal is inspired by the series of the same name that artist Corita Kent (also known as Sister Corita) and her students published at Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles in the 1960s.

Gallery visitors are invited to observe the artists and to interact with them as they work, and we're documenting their progress as they go on our Flickr account above.