Spike Island

Bristol Diving School: Culture, Practice and Ethics of Collectivity

Today members of all three generations of Bristol Diving School convene around a table for the first time since its inception in March 2009. The meeting will be filmed, streamed online and projected live into our gallery here at Spike Island.

Bristol Diving School, just around the corner from Spike Island on Hanover Place, is an artist-run studio and exhibition space run by recent graduates. Each year the group refreshes, handing over to a new cohort of artists coming out of their undergraduate studies.

At today’s meeting, representatives of each year group present their work, followed by an open debate. The objectives of the meeting are to recognise, analyse and critique the work and multifaceted approach over the past three years of Bristol Diving School’s history, and to clarify what the collective does and doesn’t do. The aims are to unify Bristol Diving School as an artists’ collective, clarify agendas and settle upon a public discourse. The meeting adjourns at 5pm.

You can watch the proceedings on a live stream online, which is also being projected into Spike Island's gallery.