Spike Island

Watch Haroon Mirza's Sound Spill

Sound Spill is part of a wider body of research undertaken by Haroon Mirza with curator Thom O’Nions and artist Richard Sides. They are interested in the curatorial problem of sound spill, when the audio from one artwork overlaps with that of another in a gallery setting. By and large, efforts are made to minimise sounds mixing in this way.

This, to some degree, invariably fails. Artworks with an element of sound always impinge upon other works; they bleed into one another and interact. The focus of Sound Spill is precisely on the point at which they merge.

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The three artworks presented in this iteration of the project all include an element of sound intrinsic to their conception without being their chief focus. The sound from each work, in this case, becomes part of a larger acoustic composition that acts as both rationale for showing these works together and a creative process in itself. 

The three artists’ films that make up this Sound Spill are: Gary Hill, Around & About (1980); Guy Sherwin, Railings (1977); and Alex Heim, Untitled (Dog) (2006).