Spike Island

Take Part in AglioMania

Artist Shu Lea Cheang's AglioMania (GarlicMania) refers to TulipoMania that took place in the early 17th century Netherland. During this time, tulip bulbs were traded for enormous prices. The market eventually crashed, thus the term bubble economy.

Part of exhibition Wealth of NationsAglioMania designates ONE fabulous garlic bulb as the object of pursuit and mobilises a bidding frenzy. With an expanded social network scheme, one pound garlic notes appropriated from Bank of England's wartime emergency release are distributed and accumulated. A la Joseph Beuys "Kunst = Kapital", AglioMania proposes "Friends = Kapital": the G-pounds are earned by having friends. Having friends accepting your invitation to join bidding makes you more G-pounds, thus more power to bid. The highest bidder finally gets the desired garlic bulb on display in the gallery.

  • Sign up and bid for ‘Garlic Fabulous’ bulb.

  • You are granted 100 G-pounds and a financial portfolio once you have joined.

  • You can create an identity to bid with.

  • Inviting friends to join will make you 10 G-pounds richer. Each friend who rejects your invitation will make you 10 G-pounds poorer.

  • Keep checking the website to keep track of your position in the bidding game.

  • The highest bidder will be presented with the ‘Garlic Fabulous’ at the end of exhibition on November 28.

You can take part at home or in the gallery where limited edition Garlic banknotes are available.